Westmart Building Center

100 South Faithful Street ~ West Yellowstone, MT 59758 ~ ph: (406)646-9578 ~ fax: (406)646-9579 ~

About the Westmart Building Center

Westmart Building Center is a locally owned building materials supply store.

We have everything you need to build, fix, or remodel under one roof!
Professional Advice - Hometown Friendly

  Westmart Building Center was established in 1946 by Bob Simkins of Bozeman, Montana. In 1952, Claude Duncan purchased the Westmart and owned it until 1970 when Irv Dellinger purchased the Westmart. Irv owned it until 1980 when it was purchased by the present owner. Westmart was a 1400 square foot retail store with approximately 1600 square feet of covered lumber storage. In 1983 600 square feet of office and retail space was added and 3000 square feet of covered lumber storage was added.

In 1996 we moved into our pressent location with 12,000 square feet of retail space and over 29,000 square feet of covered lumber storage area.

We pride ourselves in being able to handle any size project, small or large. Motels to Time Shares to decks and doors. We would like you to come in and give us a try. I guarantee you will like our service. No big town hassles, no box store service. You are a friend when you walk through our doors and a customer and better friend when you leave.

Greg Forsythe, Owner